3 Part Series: Decoding the Metabolic Breathprint of Disease and Mind

With Brian MacKenzie of SH//FT and the Health and Human Performance Foundation and Martin McPhilimey of Performance Through Health. Has civilized life come at a deeper cost than we currently understand? Are certain diseases a result of adaptive stress behaviors encoded through genetic expression via metabolism and respiration? Can we relearn to understand our breathing patterns and ultimately become more aware of our behavior as a result? We believe so, and have designed this 3 part course on an exploration into the current science and theories surrounding these questions. You will gain an understanding of the science of stress and how it interacts on energy, hormones and even our genetics and what you can start to change as a result of this. The first two talks cover most of the science and information we currently have on stress and breathing, while the third talk will be more of a practical application into what we can do to understand more about this phenomenon. Participants should walk away with an understanding of how chronic modern stress is affecting our breathing patterns, potentially impacting our health and how to use breathing as a tool with stress. This is an online course with three, 2+ hour talks. After purchase you will be sent login credentials to access the course.

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20% of proceeds directly support the Health and Human Performance Foundation www.hhp-foundation.org