Master the Waterfall Breath Webinar Replay

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Educators: Emily Hightower

In this workshop you will learn the do’s and don’ts of the waterfall breath. Waterfall breath involves pausing the breath during the exhalation and can help with everything from sleep to stage fright.

Benefits include:

-Diffusing anxiety
-Improving breath mechanics in movement practice
-Can lead to deep states of controlled calm under pressure

Waterfall Technique comes from the ViLoma breath in pranayama yoga. Learn the elements of the technique and modern applications to help you know why it works and how to use it in your own body. We’ll move, play, explore, and finish with a deep reset practice to nourish your entire body and mind.

Emily Hightower was given the torch of this ancient yoga breathing practice by a Master Pranayama Teacher, Deborah Koehn. Emily has developed variations of the technique that draw on the Art of Breath and SHIFT movement principles to help athletes learn and understand more about elements of Waterfall that apply to a range of skill development opportunities. For sleep onset, mental fortitude, movement mechanics, anxiety, and acute performance, the Waterfall Technique offers core elements of breath mastery that anyone wanting to optimize needs to understand.