Nasal Breathing for Deviated Septum Webinar Replay

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Many people want the benefits of nasal breathing but are convinced they can't do it because of past injuries. With these challenges it's important to learn the proper approach to nasal breathing to avoid unintentional anxiety and further damage. This webinar will cover nasal breath anatomy and skillful practices that in time can reshape and improve nasal structures.

We work with athletes who have experienced contact sports or life events that have damaged nasal structures like the septum. Emily Hightower has also worked with trauma from things like burns and accidents where nasal tissues have been compromised.

There is more help than you realize right under your nose! With this webinar you'll come to understand why the right kind of breath training can heal tissues and improve nasal breath capacity. Get to work with us! We're here to help.

Nasal Breathing for Deviated Septums

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Educators: Brian Mackenzie and Emily Hightower

In this webinar, we will teach you proven strategies to develop nasal breathing despite these challenges.

Benefits include:

-Better Sleep, Energy, focus, systemic health and efficiency
- For those with deviated septums or facial trauma, nasal breathing might seem impossible
-You will learn proven strategies to develop nasal breathing despite these challenges.