Rethinking Trauma Panel: Solutions From the Front Line Replay


Panel: Emily Hightower, Former Deputy Sheriff and SWAT member Pete Deprez, Career FiremanRic Jorge, and Former Army Ranger Pierce Cucchissi

Are you a front line worker or do you work with people who are experiencing chronic stress and trauma?

Chronic stress and trauma exposure have physiological consequences that must be treated for a healthy recovery.

Emily Hightower: SH//FT Educator, SOS Creator, Trauma Resilience

In this webinar, we will cover alternative treatments that are not addressed in conventional programs that will:
Help frontline workers serve longer, healthier and happier careers
Develop a healthier culture within departments to employ better tactics to reduce the risk of lifestyle disease, stigma, and preventable suicides
Treatment areas that we will cover are:

Breath patterns
Gut health
Brain health
Hormone processes
Heart health
Breath Supported outdoor risk and skill
EMDR Supported alternative therapies like psychedelics and ketamine therapy
Neuroplasticity and mind mapping
Sleep therapy and skills