Beyond Trauma Webinar Replay

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Beyond Trauma - Reinventing Mental Health is an opportunity to understand the role trauma can play in our behavior and what we can do to transform it from injury into resilience.

This webinar is presented by Emily Hightower and Rob Wilson.

Emily is an educator with over 20 years of experience in the fields of yoga, breathwork, and trauma and embodiment therapies and is the lead educator for the Skill of Stress Online Course. Rob is the co-founder of the Art of Breath Seminars and the Director of Operations for PowerSpeedEndurance.

You'll discover:
• How the current model of trauma and mental health disempower the healing process
• How to read signals from your body that can help you move towards positive emotion and action
• Practical breath control techniques to reconnect to the power of your body to reduce stress and improve mental health

There is no better time than present history to learn to connect to your emotional health and move towards a more fulfilled and integrated version of you!

**This is a webinar recording, not a live event. The webinar recording is available for download after your purchase is complete.**