Harnessing the Stress Molecule 3 Part Webinar Series Replay

Harnessing the Stress Molecule - Webinar Series Live Recordings

In this webinar series, you will learn the physiology of stress and how breathing techniques used by freedivers and yogis alike work to help you handle stress more effectively and become a more well adapted and highly functioning human being.

Full recordings of the following webinars,
Webinar 1: Recorded 5/8/2020 - Series overview and introduction to the molecule of stress with Art of Breath co-creator Rob Wilson
Webinar 2: Recorded 5/22/2020 - Expert panel - Brian MacKenzie, Rob Wilson, Dr. Justin Feinstein and Dr. Peter Litchfield
Webinar 3: Recorded 6/05/2020 - N=1 Live experiment with Brian MacKenzie and Rob Wilson

One purchase for all three webinars