The Uneasy Athlete Webinar Replay

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Educators: Brian Mackenzie & Emily Hightower

An athlete's drive can push those who aren't familiar with principles of physiology to unintentionally create anxiety patterns that worsen with training.

How can you keep doing what you love, and pushing yourself to make gains, in ways that don't exacerbate anxiety and tension? 

Learn how to:

recognize your window of tolerance so you can consciously adapt and not fall into a downward spiral in your training windows or when competing.
use the specific breath skills at the edge of your window of stress tolerance to widen your capacity and stability.
In this webinar, we will help you:

Understand your window of tolerance and cost of mismanaging it
Learn to read the difference between healthy strain and anxiety; between pushing yourself to prove yourself, and working an edge to widen stress tolerance/ ADAPT
Know how to work with breath gears during training to manage the edge for reinforcing stability, while improving power, speed and endurance
Know when to back down and how, why; key down-regulation protocols and recovery strategies to widen your window 
Recognise The "Unfair Advantage" value of breathing in the green zone at a productive edge and what it takes mentally to potentially be slower than peers for a while as you develop aerobic capacity and systemic stability
Explore your WHY -  Disrupt extrinsic ones that might not serve your long term health

What is the cost of not being able to understand your window of tolerance and consciously adapt?

Overuse injuries
Generalized anxiety in daily life
Depleted adrenals
Hormone imbalances
Body composition problems
Disordered eating (stems from state of anxiety, gut disconnection and stress messages, looking to control, restrict, or permit to cope)
Diminished returns in sport and life
Lose mojo over time, lose confidence and joy in movement and performance
Not being able to perform in high pressure situations - especially in competition