Twisting for Better Breathing and Spinal Health Workshop Replay

Technique Highlight // Twisting for Better Breathing and Spinal Health

Educators: Emily Hightower

Get ready to wring out the sludge and revitalize your spine!  Twisting is a natural movement that we don’t practice enough in daily life.

In this one-hour workshop, Emily Hightower will take you through some basic twisting poses to deepen your connection to your spinal health and breath mechanics.

Properly applied twisting movements combined with strong breath mechanics will:

●Relieve back stiffness
●Improve breathing
●Contribute to a strong and healthy spine!

Rotation is a natural movement that we are largely missing in modern-day life. 

Twisting with good mechanics supports flexibility in the spine, shoulders, and hips. It signals the vital organs to flush out toxins, and leaves you feeling refreshed and balanced from the inside out. Athletes who incorporate deep rotation work discover increased range of motion and efficiency in skills, as twisting ignites neuromuscular connections from the core to the periphery and back. Twisting also increases breath capacity by improving range and location of movement in the rib cage. 

In this workshop we'll warm up the spine in all 6 directions of movement, and integrate the foundations of twisting well in floor work, seated work, and against a wall. 

Leave knowing your spine and how to take care of it with conscious rotation practices.