Neuro Nidra Repay Sleep Debt // Workshop Replay

How Would You Like To Recover Lost Sleep (Without Actually Sleeping)?

Yoga Nidra means “dynamic sleep”, Emily Hightower combines this yogic practice with modern neuroscience, Neuro Nidra, to deepen the benefits of this ancient practice for modern times.

When: Friday, November 20

Time: 0900-1030 PST / 1200-1330 EST

What’s in it for you?

+ Learn different types of sleep; why you need them, how you get them
+ Learn about sleep debt and how to repay it
+ Guided 60 minutes of interactive applied learning to your sleep issues, Nidra questions
+ Guided 20 minute Nidra session with time to integrate
+ Leave with knowledge of how to apply Nidra for nervous system health and sleep recovery
+ Feel heard; surveys before, more facilitated questions and answers, receive replay links and mp3 recording to practice at home
+ 20 minutes of Nidra = 4 hours of deep sleep

Those who lack sufficient sleep operate in the margins of tolerance and performance. Over time, chronic mismanaged stress can accumulate into health problems like digestive issues, cognitive impairment, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and heart problems to name a few.

Nidra is not like meditation or breathwork; it is a guided, passive practice that brings the brain into the theta-alpha dominant state where deep and lasting repairs can be made to every system that needs attention. It trains receptivity and awareness; key tools for showing up in daily life with more presence and artistry.