Neuro Nidra Own Your Energy // Workshop Replay

Understanding the chakras-as-nerve networks can help you release tension without psychoanalysis to experience more clean, powerful energy and functionality across the systems.

Who is it for?

People who want to ‘clear’ their energy systems, to deactivate tension and create more ease and communication within the nervous system
Anyone interested in advanced tools for managing energy through the deep reset of Yoga Nidra.
Those interested in what the yoga system of ‘chakras’ are, and how they compare to western medical maps of the nervous system
Nidra teachers and practitioners wanting to understand the neurology beneath this practice which innately fuses East and West

What’s in it for you?

90 minutes live zoom workshop including a 25 minute guided Nidra session and Q&A on the chakra system, the nervous system, and how Nidra helps you ignite and integrate the body-mind complex for recovery
Recording of webinar
Extra Mp3 guided session so you can use it wherever and whenever you are
Leave with a tool you can use to deactivate intentionally to restore healthy communication across the network of vital systems in the body
Resolve tension and even trauma patterns over time with Nidra

Why now?

Performance research reveals an obvious advantage for people who engage in deep resets to recover during training cycles
Sleep and recovery continue to elude our culture, and Nidra is a simple practice that can deeply replenish your entire system in a short amount of time
Distraction and dysregulation permeate modern minds, and Nidra helps train deep integration for better focus and clarity during the day
The Chakras are an often misunderstood system of energy centers in the body from yoga that can relate directly to important plexi or nerve bundles. Learning about these energy centers can help you read and regulate your state for optimal healing and performance